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Flowers: Aromatherapy from Jasmine

Flowers: Aromatherapy from Jasmine

Perhaps an Iranian native, jasmine, whose name means heavenly happiness, has taken the fancy of poets and perfumers for thousands of years. In China it was used to trail and flavour jasmine tea. Jasmine’s aromatherapy solicitations and uses for the vital oil are many. The small white flowers of this vine-like evergreen shrub, with their fascinating, complex scent, are forcefully fragrant and found in most great perfumes. Jasmine is also known as the mistress of the night and moonlight of the grove, due to the fact that its seductive scent scopes its peak late at night. Even the manufacturing of the essential oil is mysterious. The flowers are collected at night, when they yield the most oil, and laid on a layer of fat for the method of extraction called enfleurage. It is first made into a concrete, which is solid, then the fat is parted to leave an absolute. Try as chemists might to make it, the aroma cannot be duplicated. Synthetic jasmine is so harsh; it demands a touch of the true essential oil to temper it. Main elements of jasmine:
  • Ketone jasmine
  • alpha terminal
  • benzyl acetate
  • benzyl alcohol
  • indol
  • linalool
  • linalyl acetate
  • phenyl acetic acid
  • farnesol,
  • And many more.
Scent of jasmine:
  • It has a peculiarly rich, warm flowery fragrance that is sweetly exotic, with a fruity-tea hint.
Therapeutic properties of jasmine:
  • Antidepressant; unwinds nerves, relieves muscle cramping and spasms.
Uses for jasmine:
  • Jasmine anesthetizes the nervous system, so it is good for headaches, jangled nerves, insomnia, and despair and for taking the emotional edge off PMS and menopause, though keep in mind its age-old repute as an aphrodisiac!
Studies at Toho University, School of Medicine in Tokyo show that jasmine also augments mental alertness and motivates brain waves. In an additional study, it was able to help computer operators lessen by one-third the number of errors they made. It also eases muscle constraining, such as menstrual spasms. Cosmetically, the oil is brilliant for mature or sensitive skin. In its native India, jasmine flowers infused into sesame oil are applied to blisters and sores that are hard to heal. A related preparation can be made by toting 2 drops of jasmine essential oil to 1 ounce vegetable oil.

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